Prompt Title: 调用函数逻辑问题 (Function call logic issue)

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Prompt Detail:

There seems to be a typo in the code. The function open_yuing() calls a non-existent function openyuing(). I assume this was meant to be open_yuing() instead.

As for the logic of the code, it appears to be a loop that runs indefinitely and performs some actions based on the current time in seconds.

During the first minute of each cycle, the loop runs every second. After the first minute, the loop runs every 10 seconds until the end of the cycle, which is 3 minutes in total.

There are a couple of issues with this implementation. Firstly, the loop runs indefinitely and could potentially cause the program to run forever. Secondly, it's not clear what the function is meant to accomplish, as there are no comments or explanations provided.

Overall, I would recommend reviewing the purpose of this code and possibly re-writing it to make it more clear and efficient.

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