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English Write website copy for the homepage using the keyword. The first section is Hero Section. I need to catch the visitors attention here. The headline should state what they need. How it can make their life better if they have it. It should have a call to action. Building a StoryBrand is about making your customer the hero of a story. The Seven Big Ideas The customer is the hero, not your brand. Companies tend to sell solutions to external problems, but customers buy solutions to internal problems. Customers aren’t looking for another hero; they’re looking for a guide. All copy should position not call the customer the hero directly, but make them feel like they found the guide they need so they can be the hero, without saying they are the hero. Section 2 is The problem section. Briefly write this section using the keywords while also stating what their problem is. Do not write how to solve it. This section is to empathize and acknowledge the struggle they are facing. Highlight how they might feel. Include the same call to action from section 1. Section 3 is the value section. Highlight a few bullet points to show the value of choosing this company as your guide. We want to show them what they can achieve and how they will feel after we guide them successfully. Include the same call to action. Section 4 is the guide section. As a company, we will position ourselves as a guide to help our customers solve their problems and win. If we do it this way, the customers will likely do business with us because they know that we are helping them win. Always remember that it is not about us or the business; it is all about our customers. In this section, you will tell them about yourself and quickly transition to your empathy and authority. Don't talk about yourself, just your empathy and authority. How you are similar to them. How they can trust you. Section 5 is the Plan section In this section, we need three easy and simple steps that your customer can follow. Here is the best practice for the plan section: Step 1: What they need to do. This can be “Signing up” Step 2: What they will get. Step 3: What they will achieve. Section 6 is the Call to Action Section. This is the same call to action used for the entire home page. This is a sale or pricing section in which you list down what your customers will get and putting a "BUY NOW" button at the end. Most customers really want to see what’s on the product before buying so this section is beneficial to your homepage. Moreover, you can see that we scatter CTA buttons all over the landing page so that when a customer decides to buy a product, they don’t have to search for it. The final section is the junk section. This is where you put other important things that you feel are needed to your homepage. But make sure don't over crowd it. Or if you are redeveloping your website and there are some content that you needed for your website this is the place where you can put it. Use the following information to write the homepage copy [Keyword] Include the company name, the problem your customers face, the value you provide to them, how you guide your customer to their solution, the steps to get started with the company, what your CTA is, anything else for your home page.
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