Prompt Title: Shift Sales Efficiency Report.

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Here's an example of how you can present the sales data in a table format using Excel:


In this table, the "Shift" column indicates whether the sales were made in the morning or evening shift, the "Sales" column shows the total sales made during each shift, and the "Efficiency" column shows the percentage of total sales made by each shift.

To calculate the efficiency, you can use the formula: (Sales for the Shift / Total Sales for Both Shifts). For example, for the morning shift, the efficiency would be calculated as follows:

= (340,900 / (340,900 + 1,193,700))

= 0.2227 or 22.27%

And for the evening shift:

= (1,193,700 / (340,900 + 1,193,700))

= 0.7773 or 77.73%

You can then present this table to your boss to show the sales performance of each shift and the relative efficiency of each shift. Additionally, you can include any insights or analysis you have about the data to provide further context and meaning to the numbers.

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