Prompt Title: GEOMEAN with IF Function.

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Human: How to use GEOMEAN with if like averageif function in excel? The desired behavior is to collect only the data that falls on a specific date and take the geometric mean. The data consists of return data with a mix of positive and negative numbers. (Let's work this out in a step by step way to make sure we have the right answer).

To use GEOMEAN with an IF condition in Excel, you can follow these steps to find the geometric mean of data that falls on a specific date:

  1. Convert negative numbers to positive: Since GEOMEAN doesn't work well with negative numbers, you'll need to convert them to positive numbers first by adding 1 to each value, and then subtracting 1 from the result to get the correct geometric mean.

  2. Use an array formula: You can combine the GEOMEAN function with the IF function in an array formula. Remember to press Ctrl+Shift+Enter after typing the formula to confirm it as an array formula.

Let's assume your data is in columns A and B, with dates in column A and return data in column B. You want to find the geometric mean of the data on a specific date, for example, '2023-04-20'.

Here are the steps:

  1. In an empty cell, type the target date, for example, in cell D1.
  2. In another empty cell, enter the following array formula:

Replace A1:A100 and B1:B100 with the appropriate range of cells containing your data.

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to confirm the formula as an array formula. The result should be the geometric mean of the data that falls on the specific date, with the negative numbers properly accounted for.

Remember to adjust the cell ranges and target date cell reference as needed for your specific dataset.

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