Prompt Title: Google Sheets: Filter and Move.

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To move rows with certain values in a column to a different sheet in Google Sheets, you can use the following formula:


This formula will filter the rows in columns A to C in Sheet1 based on the condition that the value in column B matches the specified value, and return the filtered rows in the same columns in a new sheet.

To use this formula, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new sheet where you want the filtered rows to be moved to.
  2. In the first row of the new sheet, enter the column headers that match the headers in Sheet1.
  3. In the first cell of the new sheet below the headers, enter the above formula, replacing "value_to_be_filtered" with the value you want to filter by.
  4. Press enter to apply the formula, and the filtered rows will be displayed in the new sheet.

Note that this formula only displays the filtered rows in the new sheet, but does not actually move them from Sheet1. To remove the filtered rows from Sheet1, you can either manually delete them or use a separate formula to copy and paste them to the new sheet.

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