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Sure, here is a suggested monthly Instagram posting schedule for your auto shop, "770 Auto Service", catering to your neighborhood audience:

DateWeek DayPost / StoryContent Description
June 1ThursdayPostA welcoming post for the month featuring the shop exterior in the 770 Auto Service colors
June 2FridayStoryBehind-the-scenes: A day at 770 Auto Service, including service highlights and staff interactions
June 4SundayPostShowcase a recently serviced classic car, detailing the work done
June 6TuesdayStoryA DIY tip for basic car maintenance
June 8ThursdayPostHighlight a unique feature of your service - express oil change, quick tire rotation, etc.
June 9FridayStoryCustomer testimonial: Share a story of a happy customer
June 11SundayPostPromote a weekend special or discount
June 13TuesdayStory"Meet the Team": Introduce a member of your staff with a brief profile
June 15ThursdayPostShowcase a before-and-after transformation of a car serviced at your shop
June 16FridayStoryShare a "Did You Know?" car fact
June 18SundayPostPresent an overview of the services offered, with emphasis on one service
June 20TuesdayStoryOffer a sneak peek of a complicated repair job in progress
June 22ThursdayPostHighlight an excellent review received from a customer
June 23FridayStoryShare a quick tour of your shop showing different areas - waiting room, garage, etc.
June 25SundayPostFeature a special: tire service or brake service
June 27TuesdayStoryShowcase a short video of a common problem and its solution - noisy brakes, oil leaks, etc.
June 29ThursdayPostShare a post dedicated to the community: maybe a local event you're sponsoring or participating in
June 30FridayStoryEnd of the month recap: Highlights of jobs done, new services, staff achievements etc.

The tone of all posts and stories should be friendly and approachable, aiming to build a sense of community and trust with your neighborhood audience. Using your brand's visual identity of dark blue and orange in your visuals will help create consistency and increase brand recognition.

Remember, the key to successful social media is to be consistent, engaging, and responsive. Listen to what your audience is saying, reply to comments, and be proactive in engaging with them.

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