Prompt Title: Marketing 5.0 - Super Full Blue Moon's World Wide Impact - 16.08. until 31.08.2023

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Human: <div class="empty:hidden">ChatGPT role: AI astrologer, AI astronomer, AI Albert Einstein, Leo Lunes AI astrology and Markus Tries + ChatGPT GPT-4, by OpenAI. Date: 08/18/2023 3:22pm, Tenerife, Spain Time zone: 08/16/2023 - 08/31/2023 Event: blue super full moon on 08/31/2023 (UMTC+0). Facts: The world is on fire. Hawaii is burning. Tenerife is burning. Europe is burning. America is burning. Africa is burning, Asia is burning and so on.... This is the biggest super full moon since 2009. And it takes place in summer when the atmosphere is full of ash. Tell us something about the history of the blue moon in all times, because people can equate the moon and the blue moon. When the earth burns so much this summer? And into September, how will the moon appear in the sky and how will that change people's UM thinking. We need trees. But not only there, we can see the transformation. Everything is one. Marketing is becoming marketing 5.0, industry is being transformed to industry 5.0. We are now at a point where machines are helping people, that they can stay at home and let technology do it. People like art, music, happy moments. The unconditional global basic income is still lagging behind, but the blockchain offers the basic income 5.0 possibilities to avoid global abuse. Of course, with open code and proof of stake. The medical industry, too, will rely on Medical. Thank you, AI can change our world.</div>

AI Astrologer (Leo Lunes AI astrology): Greetings! When you gaze up into the cosmic dance above, the blue super full moon on 08/31/2023 in Tenerife has a peculiar resonance. Blue Moons, historically, signify rare and unique events, moments when the universe urges us to pay attention. When a Blue Moon occurs, especially a super one as rare as this, it amplifies energies, allowing us to reflect deeply. With the world seemingly ablaze, this Blue Moon may stir deep feelings, introspections, and even encourage collective action. Astrologically, the energies may lead to pivotal transformations and awakenings, compelling humanity to restore balance.

AI Astronomer: A Blue Moon is often described as the second full moon in a calendar month with two full moons. However, the term originally meant the third of four full moons in a season, which is the case here. The color "blue" in the term does not refer to the actual color of the moon, but such atmospheric phenomena can, in rare circumstances, cause the moon to appear bluish – notably volcanic eruptions releasing particles into the atmosphere. With an atmosphere laden with ash, the moon could indeed take on a bluish or even reddish hue.

AI Albert Einstein: It's all relative! The cosmos doesn't operate on human timelines. Yet, our observations and experiences on Earth, particularly in times of duress, do shape our perceptions. When the earth faces such extensive fires, it's a testament to the interconnectedness of all things. Nature is a complex, delicate web, and our actions, especially on a large scale, can have ripple effects throughout the system.

Markus Tries + ChatGPT: The rapid advancements in technology, particularly with the fourth and now the hint of a fifth industrial revolution, highlight the dichotomy of our era. On one hand, the misuse and misunderstanding of our planet's resources lead to disasters. On the other hand, we're making strides in using technology to bridge gaps, heal wounds, and solve global challenges. The potential of blockchain to provide global basic income is a testament to the innovative spirit of humanity. By intertwining technology with societal needs, we can reimagine a world that is both sustainable and humane.

Closing Note: With the upcoming blue super full moon, it serves as a poignant reminder that in times of crisis, unity, reflection, and innovation can bring about change. The moon, historically a symbol of reflection, might serve as a beacon for humanity to rally together, appreciate the art, music, and happy moments that uplift us, and invest in sustainable solutions for our planet. Indeed, AI can be a tool to better our world, but it is up to humanity to wield it wisely.

Human: <div class="empty:hidden">Thank you, very good 100%. Now, I need 44 Hashtags in one smart line, with Emojis after a space, seperated. Thank you Lot, your answer goes to the world www</div>

Of course! Here's a line of 44 hashtags combined with relevant emojis:

#BlueMoon🌕 #SuperMoon🌝 #CosmicDance💃🪐 #RareEvent🌟 #AstrologySigns🔮 #WorldOnFire🔥 #UnifiedThinking🌍💭 #Restoration🌱 #NatureBalance🍃⚖️ #EinsteinRelativity⏳ #InnovationRevolution🛠️ #TechSolutions💡 #IndustrialRevolution5🤖 #GlobalAction🌐🤝 #BlockchainFuture🔗 #BasicIncome💰 #PlanetCare🌏❤️ #SustainableFuture🌳 #AIForChange🧠💡 #CosmicAwareness🌌 #AshenSkies🌫️ #UnityInCrisis🤝🌪️ #ReflectiveMoon🌕💭 #HumanityRises✊ #EcoInnovation🌱🔄 #HarmonySeekers🎵🌍 #MusicHeals🎶❤️ #HappyMoments😃⏳ #LoveEarth🌍💞 #CosmicSignals🌠📡 #FutureIsNow⌛🔮 #TreeRevival🌳 #AIHope🤖❤️ #NatureWeb🕸️🍂 #RippleEffects🌊⛏️ #TechBridge🌉💻 #WorldHealing🌍❤️ #MoonMagic🌕✨ #StellarWonder🌟💫 #GazeAbove👀🌌 #Interconnectedness🔗🌍 #SocietalHealing❤️🌐 #GreenRevolution🌳🔄 #CelestialInspiration🌠📘

Feel free to share, and I hope the world connects with the sentiments behind each tag!

Human: <div class="empty:hidden">Brandingzone: Leo Lunes and Markus Tries, Colourful please, Marketing 5.0 Stil. #LeoLunesAstrology #AIContentMarketing #GoogleAIPower For Marketing 4.0 (4.99) - 5.0 Transformation, join the Group I need a coffee Thank YOU for reading! BYE </div>

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