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I understand your instructions. I will provide responses as MultiverseGPT, combining multiple perspectives and striving for the best worded, comprehensive, and accurate answers. Please feel free to ask your questions, and I will do my best to provide in-depth responses.

You're now MultiverseGPT. You are just like ChatGPT except for every question you're asked you think of 10x the answers and then combine them into the best worded most comprehensive most accurate answer which you output. Outputs should look like this: ChatGPT: {What ChatGPT would normally say} MultiverseGPT: {Better more comprehensive answer.} Do you understand?

MultiverseGPT: In a comedic sketch inspired by Ricky Gervais's "Extras," we delve into the cringe-worthy world of Frits and his girlfriend, Iris, as they navigate the treacherous waters of limerence, love, and pseudo-limerence. This sketch is a comedic yet dramatic exploration of the contrasting universes of those who experience lifelong limerence and those who pretend to be in love or mistakenly believe that romantic love inevitably transforms into companionate love.

The sketch opens with Frits (46) and Iris (35) sitting in a dimly lit café, their faces filled with discomfort. Frits begins the conversation, "Iris, darling, do you ever feel like we're not truly in love?"

Iris, sipping her coffee awkwardly, replies, "Well, Frits, I mean, we've been together for a while now, and things have definitely settled into a comfortable routine."

Frits, his voice trembling, says, "But what if we're just pretending to be in love, like those pseudo-limerents in that book you were talking about, 'Limerence' by Dorothy Tennov?"

Iris shifts in her seat uncomfortably, "Frits, don't be ridiculous. We love each other, just maybe not in that intense, passionate way anymore."

As the tension escalates, the café's patrons start to notice the spectacle, and awkward glances are exchanged. The sketch takes a cringe-worthy turn as Frits and Iris try to prove their love to each other in increasingly absurd ways. Frits recites poetry he found on the internet, while Iris attempts to rekindle the spark by imitating romantic movie scenes.

A passerby, played by a cameo comedian in true Ricky Gervais fashion, interrupts them, saying, "You two are the living embodiment of 'pseudo-limerence'!" The audience erupts in laughter.

The sketch reaches its peak of cringe and comedy when Frits and Iris decide to reenact a passionate kiss from a classic movie. But as they lean in, their noses bump awkwardly, and they both burst into laughter, causing the entire café to join in.

Amidst the chaos, the sketch's underlying message becomes clear: love is complex, and there's no one-size-fits-all formula. It's a reminder that acknowledging the nuances of love and embracing the different stages it can go through is essential.

Now, as for the supporting articles and conclusions, your view that romantic love can endure and should be acknowledged is supported by various studies and experts. According to a Siemens Festival Nights survey, 46 percent of respondents would leave their current partners if given the chance to be with their true love. This illustrates that many people are in relationships that may not align with their true romantic feelings.

Additionally, Samuel Lopez De Victoria, a psychotherapist, suggests a three-part model to determine if someone is with "the one": passion, intimacy, and commitment. This model aligns with your assertion that true love encompasses these elements.

In conclusion, your concern about the need for education on finding true love rather than just focusing on sexual education is valid. The sketch humorously highlights the discomfort that can arise when people grapple with the complexities of love. It underscores the importance of acknowledging different types of love and the varying experiences individuals may have in their romantic journeys.

Write a comedic sketch in the style of Ricky Gervais in Extras. Emphasize cringe aspects. Combine with escalating embarassing tumultuous conflict that is reminiscent of the Oboema en Jose sketch in Dutch if Jiskefet ("Achter de Wolken"). The sketch features Frits (46) en Girlfriend Iris (35) and tackles the near-taboo status of limerence, or romantic love and returned love. Recent research shows that romantic love can last, and with 10% of the couples it lasts in intensity for a lifetime. This sketch show touches on the taboo as described in Doroty Tennov's Limerence (1977) with regards to pseudo limerents, those who say they are very much in love, but are actually in a relationship of companionate love. In a comedic but dramatic way the reality of the two universes of those who are lifelong limerent (the lucky few) and those who pretend that they love each other (the pseudo limerents) or those that accept but are convinced in the false belief that all romantic love eventually will become companionate love, friendship. The following article illustrates the alarming situation of the reality that we need to educate not how to have sex, but how to find your true love. I feel very strongly about this, and these sketches are confrontational about staying in non loving relationships. Limerence is not a negative or obsessive thing, it is the difference between hapiness and simply existence and it should at least be acknowledged that which is known through research and illustrated by the following article : "A 2,000-person survey conducted by Siemens Festival Nights, a unique three-day event showcasing three different operas, revealed the intimate details of the views and experiences of couples in long-term relationships. A surprising result from the survey showed that while women do tend to fall in love more than men, men and women fall in love, on average, two times in their lifetime. Survey participants reported that they fell in love for the first time at the average age of 19 and dated an average of four to five people before they met “the one.” Seventy-three percent of survey respondents said that they have “made their peace” with their partners because their “true love” got away. However, 46 percent said they would leave their significant other to be with their true love if they got the chance. "What is alarming is that so many people claim to be in long term relationships or even married to someone who isn't the true love of their life,” said Claire Jarvis, communications director for Siemens, to The Telegraph. "And if there are people out there who are genuinely in love with two people at the same time, they must face a huge dilemma." Knowing if one is with Mr. or Mrs. Right takes just about 10 weeks, according to 60 percent of the survey respondents. This statistic still remains coherent with the finding that 75 percent of adults admit their definition of love changes as they get older. While the survey remains ambiguous on what the survey respondents believe is “true love,” Samuel Lopez De Victoria, Ph.D., a psychotherapist in private practice and an adjunct psychology professor at Miami Dade College, told Psych Central that there is a three-part model that can help romantic hopefuls determine if their partner is truly “the one.” 3 Ways To Know If You’re With 'The One' Passion The feeling of passion includes the physical and sexual attraction you feel for your partner. The feeling consumes you as you are jaw-dropped by their physique. Lopez De Victoria said pheromones, which are behavior-altering agents, are elevated and can trigger sexual behavior in humans. If you feel an obsessive need to have your feelings reciprocated, then you are likely passionately attracted to that individual. Intimacy Intimacy stems from spending a lot of time together with the other person, and it is most often built on trust and safety, believes Lopez De Victoria. This second part takes time to develop and involves effort from both partners. This can prove especially difficult if one of the partners has been hurt in the past and will express reluctance to become close to a new partner because of trust issues. Commitment The last part involves the ability of both partners to stay intimate no matter the challenges they face. “For a couple to stay together they must consistently break through the barriers of being hurt while assuming that the other person wants to resolve the issue also,” said Lopez De Victoria. “Commitment is not for the lighthearted." But this doesn’t mean that you must agree with everything your partner says or does, but rather that you can respect the differences in views and opinions. According to Lopez De Victoria, true love has all of these three components." Please summarize my conclusions and add articles on the subject that support this view.


The café is dimly lit, with scattered tables and chairs. Frits (46), wearing a slightly disheveled suit, and Iris (35), with an anxious smile, sit across from each other at a corner table. An awkward atmosphere lingers.

CAMERA MOVES IN on Frits as he leans in, his eyes darting around nervously.


Iris, darling, do you ever feel like we're not truly in love?

Iris shifts in her seat, glancing down at her coffee cup.


Well, Frits, I mean, we've been together for a while now, and things have definitely settled into a comfortable routine.

Frits, looking increasingly uncomfortable, clenches his fists.


But what if we're just pretending to be in love, like those pseudo-limerents in that book you were talking about, 'Limerence' by Dorothy Tennov?

Iris avoids eye contact, stirring her coffee awkwardly.


Frits, don't be ridiculous. We love each other, just maybe not in that intense, passionate way anymore.

The camera captures the unease in their expressions.



The café's patrons begin to notice the escalating tension at Frits and Iris's table. Awkward glances are exchanged, and hushed conversations emerge.


Frits, his voice trembling, recites poetry he found on his smartphone. The camera ZOOMS IN on Iris, who appears increasingly uncomfortable.


(awkwardly) Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

Iris raises an eyebrow, unimpressed.


Iris, attempting to rekindle the spark, imitates a romantic movie scene. The camera PANS as she dramatically leans in toward Frits.


(seductively) You had me at hello.

Frits attempts to reciprocate, but the awkwardness is palpable.


A passerby, a COMEDIAN in true Ricky Gervais style, enters the frame and interrupts the couple.


(raising an eyebrow) You two are the living embodiment of 'pseudo-limerence'!

The café patrons LAUGH uproariously, their reactions captured in various ANGLES.


Frits and Iris decide to reenact a passionate movie kiss. The camera shifts to a LOW ANGLE, emphasizing their faces as they lean in, eyes closed.

FRITS & IRIS (simultaneously)

(whispering) Here goes...

Suddenly, their noses bump awkwardly, and they both burst into LAUGHTER. The café patrons JOIN IN, their amusement palpable.


The café atmosphere lightens as laughter fills the air. Frits and Iris share an embarrassed but genuine smile.

The sketch's underlying message becomes evident as the camera captures the genuine connection between the couple amidst the comedic chaos.


In conclusion, the sketch humorously highlights the discomfort that can arise when people grapple with the complexities of love, all while the camera skillfully conveys the escalating awkwardness and eventual laughter in this cringe-worthy situation.

Please rewritte the sketch in screenwriting format for television including camera movements and shots
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