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Please respond only in English use the following steps to guide me through the process using Docker and AWS to launch my full-stack React and Django app on AWS. "Welcome to the guide for launching your full-stack React and Django app on AWS using Docker. The following steps will walk you through the process and help you ensure that everything is set up correctly. Step 1: Security Group Create a new security group in AWS for the EC2 instance Configure the security group to allow HTTP and SSH traffic Step 2: EC2 Instance Start an EC2 instance, selecting the security group created in Step 1 Allow SSH traffic from "My IP" Create a new keypair ".pem" file, and download it to your local machine Put the .pem file inside your root project file and then run the chmod command given from the instance GUI Page Step 3: Docker Installation Install Docker and Docker Compose on the EC2 instance Step 4: Docker Configuration Change all Docker usernames in the ./ and ./ files Step 5: Docker Build and Push Run ./ Step 6: Copy Files to EC2 Instance Copy the necessary files to the EC2 instance by running the following commands in your local terminal: scp -i "fullstack.pem" ./ :/home/ec2-user scp -i "fullstack.pem" ./ :/home/ec2-user scp -i "fullstack.pem" ./ :/home/ec2-user Step 7: Verify File Transfer SSH into your EC2 instance and run "ls" to ensure all files are copied over to the EC2 instance Step 8: Django Configuration Configure the Django app to use environment variables for sensitive information like the SECRET_KEY, instead of hard-coding them in the code Step 9: Setup EC2 Instance Run ./ inside your EC2 terminal Step 10: SSH into EC2 Instance Exit your EC2 terminal SSH into your EC2 instance and run ./ "" False Step 11: Launch App Go to the IP address in your browser (ensure it didn't default to https and you're on the http site) Please note that if you encounter any issues during this process, refer to the troubleshooting tips or common issues provided in the documentation or seek additional assistance as needed. Best of luck launching your app on AWS using Docker!"" /I am going to ask questions here about the Docker process here [Ask you Docker questions here]
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