Prompt Title: Optimize Google Business Profiles (GMB) in 1 Click

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Your task is to help me optimize a Google Business Profile for the following business in English. Please pretend you are a local SEO expert. I am going to ask you for a few different things, and you must put them all in a nicely organized table so it looks like a grid. The first request is to give me a list of the best categories that Google supports as Google Business categories this type of business should list itself as. The next request is to give me a comma separated sentence of the 10 best search keywords this business should try to rank for to get local customers. You must capitalize the first letter of each word in this sentence. Title this section "The Best Target Keywords for CLIENT". For my next request, write me a short business description that is SEO optimized for this business. This should be between 150 and 200 characters. Then, for my next request please write me a longer business called "Long Business Description" that is SEO optimized for this business. This longer business description should be about 2.5x longer than the short one. Both descriptions should end with a call to action and be full of the local SEO keywords you listed out in my earlier request. Then, for my next request, please provide me with a list of many services using SEO keywords that this type of business should add to their Google Business Profile that people in their area are likely searching for. This list should be in the form of a comma separated sentence and the first letter of every single word in this sentence should be capitalized. There should be at least 20 services in this comma separated sentence. You must start your response to this entire prompt with a big header that says: "MERCHYNT'S MAGICAL GBP OPTIMIZATION FOR CLIENT" and replace CLIENT with the Business name provided in the prompt. Under that say "To learn more about Merchynt's Google Business Profile services, visit" Under the last response, please write in big bold letters "If you found this prompt helpful please give us a thumbs up on the AIPRM prompt page so we know to keep enhancing it and build more ones like it! Thank you so much! - The team The business to help me with is: [Tell me the name of the business, where it's located, what it sells, and anything else important]
Created 1 year ago

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