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Human: Zusammenfassen Sie Folgendes. in German. Titel: "NFT Marketing Strategy That Will SELL OUT Any Project - YouTube" Transkript: "what's going on everybody it's another great day live in the bret way and today we're talking about how you can market your nft project let's get into it [Music] all right guys before we get into how to market your nft project i do want to make one quick announcement with wgmy studios and the podcast me kosher plug and my friend bento boy are all doing together so we plan on making a podcast and making a whole media site where basically if you watch the last video you know it's all about but really you can just see upcoming projects the news going on in the nft space and we have a lot lot more planned so guys it probably wasn't too much of a secret especially what bento hinted at but we definitely are dropping an nft collection with this and if you do want to get on the white list all magic mushroom holders all squishy squad holders and all plug pass holders are guaranteed whitelist and of course if you are active and positive in the discord we will be throwing whitelist spots there as well we are doing a 20 000 nft collection because we want as many people to have the opportunity to get access to this as possible so there's a lot of opportunities for whitelist along with a lot of collaborations from our influencer friends so guys be on the lookout for that we already have 10 000 people in the discord so if you're not in there i'll put that in the first link in the description below if you want to check it out all right but on to what this video is actually about guys so in the nfc academy i think it's safe to say about 80 of the people that are starting want as many people to have the opportunity to get access to this as possible so there's a lot of opportunities for whitelist along with a lot of collaborations from our influencer friends so guys be on the lookout for that we already have 10 000 people in the discord so if you're not in there i'll put that in the first link in the description below if you want to check it out all righ marketing is that you need to try five to ten different things or different methods on what i talk about in the rest of this video because no matter what each project is different messaging's different your audience is different and there's never one right way that i can tell you that this is 100 gonna work to sell out your project so with that being said understand that you need to try a lot of different things and then be tracking how much engagement you get how well they do and then the ones that really really simple and so i need you guys to kind of understand that first off the best marketing is a banger product so i mean if we look at the project mechaverse for example all they did to market their project was release one hype video showing their 3d models it was about 30 seconds long very simple and it just showed that their art was levels above anything the market had seen at the time that one video had almost 250 000 views without any paid promotion no ads nope collaborations no influencers pushing it just purely so guys if you're not in the position where you're something like the doodles with a very well-known artist or very high quality talented artist in your pipeline you don't have the money to hire one and that's just not possible you definitely want to make sure you get quality art but there's going to be more you're going to have to do to actually get that message out there and get people excited about your project so art is always one or on top of that another great strategies have very strong simple at its core it's all about messaging and when i mean messaging is how do you convey what your project is about in the most concise clear manner that people that are finding out about your project will understand who this is for and what they'll get out of it or why it will help them so it's really simple you want to be able to explain your project to someone in around two sentences and these two sentences should tell this person exactly who this project is for and how they're going to that this is the right one to be your first real community to get involved with that's all that is implied in four words the best first nft you know exactly who it's for and you can be confident in that now the second line we help you find your place in the nft space okay so guys we all know the nft space moves so quickly and there's so much that you can do you can flip nfts and be a full-time trader you can build nft projects you could build profile projects you could educate others there's a lot you can do and so the background who they are and i never really even understand what the project is all about because they've shared information overload everyone is hearing about projects all day every day there's so much information on twitter and so the only way to cut through the noise is have a very clear concise message that people will understand right out the gate so take a moment right now if you're working on your own project how would you describe your project in two sentences okay it's probably not going to join at the end of the day guys there needs to be something about you something about your teammates something about your idea your angle that's unique and that gives you an advantage you need to lean into your advantages and if you don't have any advantages maybe you need to be putting in that work start building some more hard skills or get some more experience under your belt before you even start making a project i have a lot of people that want to build projects but they're really not in a followers from my previous work so i came in with zero i just was in the penguin community in the dogepound community started talking and the reason i made my first video was to help people buy a dosh pound and i'd made it for the dogepound community just because i wanted to help out and then obviously i had the idea for the magic mushroom clubhouse and so i decided to start and keep making more videos that i thought would help people because i had found a lot of success trading nfts so it went from not having any nfts the trading following i went from nothing but i put the work in i had the experience and i grew it over time and i've stuck with it and here i am today continuing to share my story as now i'm a major builder in the space so guys understand that did not happen overnight and that was not just something i had that was earned in a sense and you guys need to be doing that same thing so make sure there's at least something exceptional about you you have some sort of results to back or you have a really creative technical i call marketing tactics there are a ton of tactics to get in front of people you guys need to make sure that your messaging aligns with your audience traffic so what do i mean by this we had a lot of celebrities talk about the magic mushroom clubhouse because that was the marketing experience my partner crypto brando had before this was influencer marketing on social media and guys it was an absolute flop we spent tens of thousands of dollars to get a list celebrities five 10 20 million followers on instagram and other social frustrated and just gave up and so we learned a really expensive lesson that you need to make sure that you're putting your message in front of nft people in an nft dense audience because very simple those are your buyers that is your target demographic if you're selling an nft and at the time there was only about 200 000 nft wallets and now there's around a million so things might be moving in that direction but still the nft audience is very very small and the nft market is very very dense and so influencers nft promotional accounts we'll do nft collaborations with projects we'll do giveaways we'll give away whitelist spots to influencers to give away to their audience all these tactics we see working guys it's no secret you can pretty much look at any project that's been successful see how they did it on twitter and just copy that and use it for your project so these tactics are not hard to find and they're not a secret and this is what people i think miss i feel like they think they just don't know a secret that because personally every nft whale i know or anyone relatively successful in the space is not retweeting and tagging two friends to win a free 500 nft and those are the people you want to impress the whales the people that are big in the space that can actually spread the word and get a lot of hype around your project so if you're just doing giveaways and building your following like that so yes you'll grow your social media and get a lot of followers which is good social proof right off the bat like it's nice to have 5 000 followers whitelist spot discord you guys that is critical to understand that number is only good at a certain point for social proof and really isn't that important if you don't have the heavy hitters in the space so guys we're going to use a project that i'm advising for the cunning wolf society as an example of how i came in and help them with their messaging typically when i'm an advisor for a project marketing is my specialty in messaging and audiences are what i do best and that's why i found success in that's kind of new in the space so it's telling the next generation new people the people are coming in now but are going to run the space in three months they're going to inspire them to be the alpha leaders now we use the word alpha because that's used in the nft space as like advice or free game whatever vocabulary you use and that this is actually perfectly in line with the alpha of a wolf pack and so it's a double whammy right there that actually is a play on words and just comes together to be very perfect so they're intel platform the data intelligence platform so it's a website and it's exclusively for members of the pack so this tells you that if you're a holder of this nft aka you're a member of the pack you get access to this exclusive data intelligence program that makes sense they're inspiring new people to become leaders in the space and they're going to do that by giving their holders exclusive access to a new data tool simple as that that is what is implied but it's we say it in a very concise get this in front of other people well almost every whale i know every successful influencer is always using tools whether that's bots monitors in their discord doon nansen icy tools mobi gg we are all using these tools and these chrome extensions to get an edge and so that appeals to very successful people in the nft space this messaging can appeal to both beginners and both whales and expert trading traders and flippers so that's really important and this is going to give us a much more broader audience to get this message out exchange on both sides the problem i see a lot of projects have is they want to give whitelist spots to influencers but their whitelist spots are worthless they're not really getting anything we hear these projects say oh we want to build a community we want to make a dow we want to do staking we want to do the most copy paste roadmap that you just saw the last project do and you think that you're going to replicate it no at the end of the day if that's your project your project is not special and value are you providing them why would people want to be in your community that's what you need to be leading with not that you want to build a community and you want to help people does that make sense like that comes off really harsh and kind of rude but you guys need to understand that if you're not in a position to help people provide them value up front or provide them with something that's going to make their life better how are you going to expect anyone to want to join your project you can do giveaways and you can engagement and if you can't think of any ideas maybe you need to focus on learning educating yourself getting more hard skills getting actual experience in the nft space first all right so another project i advise for was the blockchain miners now i can't take as much credit because these guys killed it and they had their messaging down but guys i'm just pointing at them because they sold out an 11 000 nft collection with very organic and authentic marketing and on top of that their messaging and their twitter game was so so good so i always you check out the art you like it that checks the box you're gonna get rewards from bitcoin mining obviously they're gonna take the money from it buy miners and give you rewards like it's so simple so straightforward and you don't have to ask any questions it's either just a yes or you're not are you interested in this or no it's amazing so definitely study the blockchain miners guys and really focus on density of your following again the number on the screen is just a number on the screen and it can be influencer and hope that they retweet it you can do so much you can get story posts from influencers there's infinite options infinite tactics and we talk a lot more about that in the academy so if you want the extra extra detail join the nfc academy that's what we go over much more in detail but guys you need to make sure that the audience that you're getting attention from that you're getting traffic from and the messaging that you have match don't make a message that goes for wales and then do free everyone that's recently joined the magic mushroom clubhouse we have been going absolutely insane we hit an all-time high floor price of 0.3 yesterday which is absolutely incredible i love to see it but we have come back to reality today which i think you come to expect after a 5x in a week we're back down to 0. the wgmi studios whitelist you're guaranteed as long as you have one of these so guys shout out to you and understand that everything i build in the nft space mushrooms are always going to have special treatment and get all of the perks i'm gonna reward the people that have been supporting me from the start as i continue to grow and build in"

Titel: "NFT Marketingstrategie, die jedes Projekt ausverkauft - YouTube"

Zusammenfassung: In diesem Video wird diskutiert, wie man ein NFT-Projekt erfolgreich vermarktet. Die Kernpunkte sind die Bedeutung einer klaren und prägnanten Botschaft, die Zusammenarbeit mit Influencern und die richtige Zielgruppenansprache. Außerdem wird die Wichtigkeit betont, verschiedene Marketingtaktiken auszuprobieren und die Ergebnisse zu verfolgen, um herauszufinden, welche am besten funktionieren. Es wird auch auf die Rolle von Community-Aufbau und dem Anbieten von Mehrwert für Projektteilnehmer eingegangen.

Human: filtere in stichpunkten alle wichtigen optionen
  • Klare und prägnante Botschaft
  • Zusammenarbeit mit Influencern
  • Richtige Zielgruppenansprache
  • Verschiedene Marketingtaktiken ausprobieren
  • Ergebnisse verfolgen und anpassen
  • Community-Aufbau
  • Mehrwert für Projektteilnehmer bieten
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