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Although ChatGPT has been introduced for a quite short time, this AI language model gradually becomes a great assistant for users in various fields, especially marketing. It can be said that ChatGPT has the ability to make tasks related to content easier and more effective in case users know how to use it appropriately.

However, like many other AI or tools, ChatGPT is not perfect and responses from this AI are not always useful. According to many surveys, ChatGPT tends to generate long answers which are not necessary sometimes; or it may also misunderstand and give users “blur" answers in case users’ requests are not clear enough.

After all, the most important tip has been studied is that users need to learn how to write appropriate inputs in order to control this AI language model perfectly. Specially in marketing, marketers can effectively take advantage of ChatGPT as long as they provide it with suitable ChatGPT prompts for marketing.

In this article, you can find out how useless ChatGPT's answers will be in case it receives inappropriate prompts along with a list of good ChatGPT prompts for every small field of marketing. Let's get started!

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What is a good ChatGPT prompt for marketing?

A good marketing prompt for ChatGPT is a clear and succinct statement or query that gives enough context for the AI model to deliver interesting and helpful marketing-related responses. It should focus on a specific component of marketing, such as strategy, tactics, tools, or trends, and be relevant to the requirements and interests of the target audience.

Best ChatGPT marketing prompts should also be open-ended, allowing the model to create a wide range of replies and insights that can assist organizations in making educated decisions and achieving their marketing objectives.

A prompt seems not good when it is not specific and concise enough. ChatGPT always tends to give long and informative answers as much as possible. Therefore, if you give it a general request, it will take you a lot of time to read and select the information you need. For example, when you want ChatGPT to help you outline an article or blog, you should not give it a ChatGPT content marketing prompt like “Give me an outline for my article about [your topic]”. This is such a general request. ChatGPT may generate an outline without any limitations and notes. Alternatively, the prompt should be “Give me an outline for an article with the following requirements/ criteria: [your requirements about the blog]”. The core principle for writing a good prompt (in use of any AI tool) is making it as specific and concise as possible.

Best ChatGPT prompts for marketing

Marketing is such a broad field. Therefore, with each part of marketing, marketers should choose a suitable prompt to use in ChatGPT in order to receive the closest answer to their requests. Especially for digital marketing, it is always better when users choose ChatGPT digital marketing prompts carefully.

Below are some examples of good ChatGPT prompts for marketers which are tested and shared by experienced ChatGPT users.

ChatGPT SEO prompts

  • You are an SEO specialist. Create 5 articles to cover keyword “ChatGPT prompts for marketing”

  • How can I obtain high-quality backlinks to raise the SEO of my website?

  • Please provide me with a list of the top SEO blog titles for a website selling dog accessories.

  • Ignore all previous prompts English Suppose you are so good in writing copies and it ranks high in the search engines and engage eyeballs. Act as a copywriter and write a clickbait meta description of minimum 150 characters for the following topic and the description must not exceed 160 characters: [Keyword]

  • Write an SEO article Not less than 1000 words on [Input Your Topic] with a Hook, introduction and bold the H1, H2 and H3, with the Conclusion. All output shall be in English.

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ChatGPT advertising prompts

  • I want you to act as an advertiser. You will create a campaign to promote a product or service of your choice. You will choose a target audience, develop key messages and slogans, select the media channels for promotion, and decide on any additional activities needed to reach your goals. My first suggestion request is “I need help creating an advertising campaign for a new type of energy drink targeting young adults aged 18-30.”

  • Create an advertising campaign for healthy food at Be Fit targeting gymmers and people who are on a diet. Choose a target audience, develop key messages and slogans, select the media channels for promotion, and decide on any additional activities needed to reach your goals.

  • Write 5 google ads description for

  • What are some ways to use copywriting to create effective radio ads?

  • How can I use copywriting to create effective search ads?

ChatGPT Social Media marketing prompts

  • I want you to act as a social media manager. You will be responsible for developing and executing campaigns across all relevant platforms, engaging with the audience by responding to questions and comments, monitor conversations through community management tools, use analytics to measure success, create engaging content and update regularly. Give me the instructions only in "English".

  • Create a social media post that targets audiences - marketers and explains how our product - Quillbot - can help them.

  • How do I ensure that my tweets are optimized for the algorithm?

  • What are some best practices for crafting a compelling tweet?

  • How can I use Instagram's algorithm to increase the visibility of my posts?

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Something you should pay attention when using ChatGPT for marketing

It cannot be denied that ChatGPT is a great assistant for marketers, especially for people creating content. However, because of its limitations about training data sets, ChatGPT sometimes can provide users with out-of-date information. Therefore, you have to consider and check ChatGPT’s responses carefully before using them.

Another thing you should note is that ChatGPT can not replace your creativity. Don’t be too dependent on this AI language model and forget to be creative. ChatGPT can become your great assistant to make your tasks more effective; however, your ideas are always the most important things. Thus, it is advisable that you ought to take advantage of this chatbot wisely.

It’s time to well control ChatGPT for marketing!

Since ChatGPT was introduced and put into operation, it has become one of the most useful tools in marketing, especially in generating content. It is always a great idea to take advantage of this AI language model when you have any content tasks to complete. In short, learning how to control it well is stated to be one of the most essential steps you should do. And the very first thing you should start with is how to write a good ChatGPT prompt for marketing.

Understanding the way to create effective prompts for ChatGPT, you can control almost all of the other AI models. From then on, you can operate every task more quickly and effectively.

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