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Absolutely! Here's a detailed 15-day training plan to help you prepare for your Virtual Assistant position interview. Each day consists of a 2-hour study session with suggested materials for English 101, grammar, email etiquette, and conversational English. Remember to practice consistently and actively engage with the materials to make the most of your training. Let's plot it in a table format:

DayTime SlotEnglish 101GrammarEmail EtiquetteConversational English
1Day 1 AM- English 101 Crash Course: Coursera (Search for free courses) <br> - Basic Sentence Structure and Parts of Speech- Noun, Pronoun, and Verb- The Dos and Don'ts of Email Communication- Greetings and Introductions
2Day 1 PM- Reading Comprehension Exercises: English Club- Adjective and Adverb- Writing Clear and Concise Emails- Small Talk and Icebreakers
3Day 2 AM- Listening Practice: ESL Lab (Select beginner/elementary level)- Prepositions and Conjunctions- Email Formatting and Signatures- Asking and Answering Questions
4Day 2 PM- Vocabulary Expansion: Memrise (Search for beginner English courses)- Tenses (Present, Past, Future)- Responding to Emails Professionally- Role-Playing Scenarios
5Day 3 AM- Speaking Practice: Find a language exchange partner or join language exchange platforms like Tandem- Subject-Verb Agreement- Handling Requests and Inquiries- Giving Directions and Instructions
6Day 3 PM- English Grammar Quizzes: UsingEnglish- Possessive Forms and Plurals- Managing Multiple Email Threads- Describing Products/Services
7Day 4 AM- Writing Exercises: Write a sample email applying for the Virtual Assistant position and request feedback from a friend or language partner.- Comparative and Superlative Forms- Handling Difficult or Angry Emails- Discussing Work Experience and Skills
8Day 4 PM- English Idioms and Phrases: The Free Dictionary- Active and Passive Voice- Email Follow-up and Thank You Notes- Talking about Hobbies and Interests
9Day 5 AM- Introduction to Virtual Assistance: (Read about the role to familiarize yourself with the responsibilities)- Conditional Sentences (Type 1, 2, 3)- Dealing with Confidential Information- Discussing Travel and Itineraries
10Day 5 PM- Practice Handling Data Entry and Spreadsheets: Use Excel or Google Sheets to organize data.- Reported Speech (Direct and Indirect)- Email Etiquette for International Communication- Role-Playing Client Scenarios
11Day 6 AM- Time Management Skills: Time Management Tips (Read and implement strategies for efficient work)- Modal Verbs- Emailing with Calendars and Scheduling- Discussing Current Events and News
12Day 6 PM- Problem-Solving Scenarios: Research common issues Virtual Assistants may face and how to resolve them.- Relative Clauses- Handling Spam and Phishing Emails- Negotiating and Persuasion Skills
13Day 7 AM- Personal Branding: Learn how to create a strong LinkedIn profile.- Review all Grammar Topics- Email Etiquette in a Remote Team- Practicing Phone and Video Calls
14Day 7 PM- Practice Virtual Meeting Tools: Familiarize yourself with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or similar platforms.- Review all Email Etiquette Tips- Handling Urgent and Important Emails- Mock Interview Practice (Q&A Session)
15Day 8 AM- Mock Interview Practice (Full Interview Simulation)- Review Conversational English Topics- Final Tips and Recap- Final Tips and Recap


  • For grammar resources, there are many websites and apps like Duolingo, Grammarly, and EnglishClub that offer interactive exercises and quizzes.
  • For conversational English, practice with language exchange partners, join online discussion forums, or find language learning groups on social media.
  • During the training, maintain a language journal to track your progress, note down new words and phrases, and reflect on your learning journey.

Remember to adapt the plan based on your proficiency level and progress. Good luck with your preparation and the Virtual Assistant position interview!

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