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Thanks to the giant data training sets, ChatGPT is able to answer users’ requests in various fields, and even the instructions for those fields, as well. Undoubtedly, ChatGPT can become your closest assistant in almost all aspects of your life from meal plan, schedule, to working plans.

Taking advantage of this AI language model will be one of the smartest ways to optimize your work. However, like many AI, ChatGPT is not intelligent enough to understand such simple requests, so you have to learn to control it.

So how? How to use this AI language model effectively?

The answer is focusing on ChatGPT prompts. No matter which topics you want ChatGPT to help, you all need to enter appropriate inputs to receive the most accurate answers. Therefore, ChatGPT prompts for Guide are so important whenever users use ChatGPT to help them prepare anything.

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Understanding that issue, Datafit has aggregated a list of ChatGPT Guide prompts so that all users can refer to and learn the way to create their own good prompts for ChatGPT. Now, we will begin with ChatGPT’s functions and abilities.

How effective is ChatGPT?

With all users of ChatGPT, it is so hard to deny its intelligence and advantages. This AI language model is capable of generating content in a variety of fields and topics. Only by chatting with it, like with a person, can you collect lots of useful information from easy to difficult.

  • ChatGPT can provide users with detailed instructions: ChatGPT tends to respond to users’ questions with as much information as possible. Therefore, for almost all of your queries, you will receive a full instruction from ChatGPT. And because this AI language model is going to mention all aspects of the issue, so every answer may be so specific and detailed.

  • ChatGPT can understand and provide information in a variety of fields: According to OpenAI, ChatGPT was trained with very big data training data, including a diversity of topics and fields. Therefore, it can give you instructions in a variety of industries.

However, in order to make the most of its abilities, the first step you should do is to know how to write good prompts. In case you would like to receive some instructions from this AI, good Guide prompts for ChatGPT are very important.

Although ChatGPT can give answers for various fields, it sometimes may misunderstand such simple requests. As a result, its responses seem “blur” and rambling. That's the reason why you have to give it specific and concise inputs. With a view to having a closest answer to your request, it is necessary to enter a ChatGPT tutorial prompt containing details and context (if any).

Some effective ChatGPT prompts for Guide

Currently, there are a wide range of ChatGPT user guide prompts shared widely on prompting communities or groups so that every user can refer to and take advantage of. You can take them as samples to learn how to write your own prompts which are suitable for your requests for ChatGPT.

Here is an example of ChatGPT product guide prompt and answer from ChatGPT:

Prompt: “How do I use the Google Sheets Data validation feature to restrict data input?”

ChatGPT’s answer: “You can use the Google Sheets Data Validation feature to restrict data input in several ways, including:

  • Allow a list: You can specify a list of values that are allowed in a particular cell. This can be done by selecting the cells you want to validate, then clicking on the "Data" menu and selecting "Data validation." In the "Criteria" section, select "List from a range," then enter the range of cells containing the list of valid values.

  • Restrict to a range of values: You can also restrict data input to a certain range of values. For example, you may want to allow only values between 1 and 100 in a particular cell. To do this, select the cells you want to validate, then click on "Data" > "Data validation." In the "Criteria" section, select "Number," then choose "between" and enter the minimum and maximum values.

  • Restrict to specific data types: You can also restrict input to a certain data type, such as text, number, or date. To do this, select the cells you want to validate, then click on "Data" > "Data validation." In the "Criteria" section, select the appropriate data type.

  • Custom formula: You can use a custom formula to validate data input based on a specific condition. For example, you may want to allow only even numbers in a particular cell. To do this, select the cells you want to validate, then click on "Data" > "Data validation." In the "Criteria" section, select "Custom formula is," then enter the formula that represents the condition you want to enforce, such as "=MOD(A1,2)=0" to allow only even numbers in cell A1.

By using the Google Sheets Data Validation feature in any of the above ways, you can ensure that the data entered into your spreadsheets is accurate and consistent.”

It is so apparent that ChatGPT is able to generate a detailed and easy to understand answer. That is also the reason why many call ChatGPT “fear of Google”.

Up to now, you can find more prompts such as ChatGPT manual instruction prompts or ChatGPT DIY guide prompts on the internet, especially in many reliable communities for prompts like Don’t forget to take advantage of them or learn from and create your needed prompts.

Get any instruction with ChatGPT!

Whenever you need any ways or methods to do something, you can all ask ChatGPT. This AI language model is going to bring you detailed guides. However, like many other tools, it is not perfect, so you cannot 100% rely on it. One of the biggest limitations of ChatGPT is that it can only understand information until 2021 that means any event after 2021 will be updated by ChatGPT. Therefore, it is vital for every user to check the information from ChatGPT carefully before using it.

In short, ChatGPT is still a great assistant. If you can control and benefit from it effectively, your job will be so optimized. And don’t forget good ChatGPT prompts for Guide. They are in the list of most essential tips you should know to work with AI.

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