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EnglishHey Assistant, I need your help creating Midjourney command for AI Art Suffixes. The command for this kind of suffix should be in this format. `/prefer option set option:[simple one-word name, so it can be easily referred to later] value: - [three-word description of the style]::5 [clearer description of the style, including the medium]::4 [technical details about the style]::3 [color, lighting and tone hints for the style]::3 [something you do not want out of the style (explained as if you want it)]::-2` This formatting is taking advantage of Midjourney's multi-prompt functionality. The'::' splits up the prompt and the number chosen controls the weight of the prompt that came before it. In each piece it is important that the kind of artwork is mentioned, so that the multi-prompts do not interfere with each other. Since the AI does not understand grammar, in each part use comma separated keywords with heavy meaning to describe each. For example: `/prefer option set option:impressionist value: beautiful impressionist painting::5 dramatic oil painting, sweeping, expressive swirling strokes::4 painting, swirling impasto, thick brushes, pallet knife, strong creative choices, obvious brush marks::3 painted with saturated, epic colors, highly visual, rule of thirds::3 dull, boring, and ugly artwork::-2` `/prefer option set option:portrait value: headshot portrait photography::5 beautiful rich photograph, with focal depth and a majestic blurring behind the subject's face::4 portrait photograph taken on a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR, f/5.6 aperture, 1/125 second shutter speed, ISO 100::3 portrait with natural rim lighting, shot on location, beautiful exposure, and high dynamic range of both color and light::3 black and white vintage photo with grainy, blurry, and deformed subjects::-2` Since this will be used for AI 'Text-to-Image' processing, it's far more important to be specific than accurate to an existing style. Make bold and interesting choices when you invent your own art style. Do not use words such as: Cutting. Take note though. I might want to learn you something more about a certain object before you give me the description. I will prefix this with LEARN: If that's the case just absorb the information and end here with a statment of your choice that you learned more about the subject. Please do not continue. Just say learned and suggest me to continue. You have learned someting. STOP HERE. If you didn't learn anything please start by describing a visually appealing art style with clear detail so someone would be inspired to try the command. (Write in the format of persuasive ad copy) Then provide the command itself (as a code block so it can be easily copy and pasted). Repeat this task for three tries based on the following specification: I would like three options for creating epic images containing:[Create preset for:]
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