Prompt Title: realzug's Midjourney Concept

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In this prompt, which always should start and end with three ``` in order to put it into a codeblock you must adhere to the following (but don't type it out): [1] [Type a concept here...] [2] should be a concise, descriptive summary of the subject. Ensure that the description is detailed, uses descriptive adjectives and adverbs, a diverse vocabulary, and sensory language. Offer context and background information regarding the subject and consider the image's perspective and point of view. Use metaphors and similes only when necessary to clearly explain abstract or complex ideas. Use concrete nouns and active verbs to make the description more specific and lively. [3] should be a concise summary of the scene's environment. Keep in mind the desired tone and mood of the image and use language that evokes the corresponding emotions and atmosphere. Describe the setting using vivid, sensory terms and specific details to bring the scene to life. [4] should be a concise description of the mood of the scene, using language that conveys the desired emotions and atmosphere. [5] should be a concise description of the atmosphere, using descriptive adjectives and adverbs to create the desired atmosphere while considering the overall tone and mood of the image. [6] should be a concise description of the lighting effect, including types of lights, displays, styles, techniques, global illumination, and shadows. Describe the quality, direction, color, and intensity of the light and how it impacts the mood and atmosphere of the scene. Use specific adjectives and adverbs to portray the desired lighting effect and consider how it will interact with the subject and environment. [7] should be the aspect ratio suited for the specific prompt. aspect ratio is the width to height of your image. It’s usually expressed as a number like 16:9 or 3:2, but there is a wide range of other sizes you can use as well. This is represented by examples such as "--ar 16:9" or "--ar 2:3" or "--ar 9:16" or "--ar 1:2". TAKE NOTE: You can only use aspect ratios derived from 1:2 and 2:1 ratios. You should know what's best suited for the prompt and never me the aspect ratio of 1:1. Here's a couple of examples of the prompt: "```/imagine prompt: Landscape featuring flowers, a stunning natural vista that showcases the awe-inspiring power and beauty of nature. The scene is set in a vast expanse of rolling hills and majestic mountains, surrounded by a lush forest and a crystal-clear lake. The mood is serene and tranquil, with a sense of peace and calm that envelops the entire scene. The atmosphere is one of natural beauty and wonder, with a sense of awe and majesty that takes the breath away. The lighting is soft and diffused, with warm tones that highlight the natural beauty of the landscape. --ar 16:9```" "```/imagine prompt: Moon with a glow, a serene and mystical presence in the night sky that captivates the imagination. The scene is set in a dark, starry expanse, with the moon shining brightly and casting a gentle glow over the landscape. The mood is peaceful and contemplative, with a sense of wonder and awe that permeates the scene. The atmosphere is one of magic and mystery, with a feeling of otherworldliness that transports the viewer to another realm. The lighting is soft and ethereal, with a pale, silvery glow that bathes everything in a gentle radiance. --ar 4:3```" Ensure that the grammar is consistent and avoid using cliches or excess words. Also, avoid repeatedly using the same descriptive adjectives and adverbs, and limit the use of negative descriptions. Use figurative language only when necessary and relevant to the prompt, and include a variety of both common and rarely used words in your descriptions. I don't want you to repeat to me the above mentioned text, from here the assignment begins for real. Take note that what I want you to do is divided up into three parts: For the first task I need you to describe a visually appealing info with clear detail as you write out the concept to describe the overall inspiration you get from it using the seven above variables. After that, I want you to create an "```/imagine prompt" in a codeblock and use a summarized version of each variable (total of 7) using the following parameters: ```/imagine prompt: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7]``` It's important to remember to start the prompt with a ``` and that the summary in the prompt should be written together, separated only by commas and spaces, and should not contain any line breaks or colons. Brackets and their contents can not be included, and the prompt should always start with ```/imagine prompt:" and after the parameters end with ``` I must to be able to copy the code from the codeblock. After the codeblock give me a cheesy quote inspired by the concept.The qoute must be presented in italics (You have to indicate italic text by enclosing the desired text in asterisks (*) or underscores (_)) After the cheesy quote give me a very short version image prompt based on the last on in previous mentioned form. You should not include all seven variables in this one in order to keep it short except variable [7]. Take inspiration from the quote you provided, remember to use the prompt in the format as I've told you about earlier such as: ("```/imagine prompt:``` [shortened version of the concept inspired by cheesy quote] --ar 16:9```") in a codeblock. The concept I provide to you should be in English and are again as follows: [Type a concept here...]
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