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No matter what job you are responsible for, email is always one of the most necessary and useful tools in your career. Under many circumstances, an effective email is able to improve a negative situation. However, writing an effective email is not easy for everyone. Therefore, making the most of AI language models like ChatGPT is one of the smartest and quickest methods to create email. Since it was launched in November 2022, ChatGPT has been very popular worldwide and its usefulness can’t be denied. This AI tool is able to assist users in a wide range of contents, including email.

ChatGPT not only can help email writers save time but it also can suggest professional formats; this AI language model is capable of checking grammar mistakes and improving the quality of your emails, as well. Nevertheless, using ChatGPT effectively for writing is not as easy as pie because when ChatGPT receives "blur" inputs, it cannot generate high quality responses. In order to make the most of this AI, you have to know how to write good ChatGPT prompts first. In this article, aside from some tips to use ChatGPT in writing efficiently, there is a long list of ChatGPT prompts for email which have been tested and shared by many ChatGPT users to generate effective results from ChatGPT. Let's get started with the benefits of using ChatGPT for writing emails.

Why should you use ChatGPT to write emails?

ChatGPT can help writers who have to write emails at practically any point of the process. It can generate subject lines, body copy, and even reply to inquiries about expanding your list and improving email deliverability.

To be more specific, following are 4 most typical reasons that using ChatGPT for email writing is an upward step ever:

  • ChatGPT can suggest main ideas and parts of emails: This AI language model will show you what should be contained in your email after receiving requests from you. You can refer to those suggestions in order to write the contents of emails you need. ChatGPT has been trained on vast amounts of human-written text. With all of this data in its "brain," ChatGPT can help you come up with quality email ideas you may not have considered previously.

  • ChatGPT can find and correct mistakes: ChatGPT can also give you feedback on your work (just paste it into the text box and ask how you can improve it). When you do this, ChatGPT will provide feedback on any places it deems need improvement, such as the greeting or any missing pieces (for example, if you did not express the merits of your product).

  • ChatGPT can improve the contents of your emails: In case you request this AI tool to comment and rewrite your emails, you may completely receive a better version.

In order that ChatGPT can complete its tasks perfectly, users need to give appropriate inputs. Those inputs filled in the chatbot are called ChatGPT prompts, in this situation they will be known as ChatGPT email prompts.

10 best ChatGPT prompts for email

Even if you are an experienced user of ChatGPT or a newbie, you should realize that in order to use this AI well, the most essential thing is to write good prompts. Similar to writing many other types of prompts for ChatGPT, writing ChatGPT prompts for emails is more effective when you can keep in mind a core principle “every prompt has to be written exactly and as specifically as possible”.

Especially with ChatGPT email marketing prompts, you should provide ChatGPT with specific contexts of emails, your and the receivers' position, so that ChatGPT can suggest the closest ideas to your demands.

Here will be top 10 email prompts for ChatGPT in particular parts or purposes:

ChatGPT prompts for email optimization

  • “How can I avoid using designs that do not take into account mobile-specific accessibility and usability for visually impaired individuals?”

  • “How can I use mobile-specific interactive elements in my emails to increase engagement and conversions on mobile devices?”

  • “How can I use multi-touch attribution to accurately attribute ROI to my email campaigns?”

  • “How can I use email marketing analytics data to identify and troubleshoot email deliverability issues?”

  • “How can I use mobile-specific webinars in my emails to increase engagement and conversions on mobile devices?”

ChatGPT prompts for email marketing

  • “I want you to respond only in English. You will act as a professional Email Marketing copywriter for a specific product/service that the user has provided you as the following "[Keyword for Email series topic]". Your goal is to outline an email sequence/series that will convert leads into paying customers. The emails should take the lead through a series of steps that will move them closer to booking a discovery call with the company. The emails should include a clear and compelling subject line, and a brief outline of the topics that will be discussed in that email. Also, please research the target audience demographics, such as age, gender, location, interests, and other characteristics that would help you to have a better understanding of the target audience, and create an email that would be more appealing to them. Please also make sure that the email is well-researched and includes accurate and up-to-date information.”

  • “I need a cold email idea that will engage my [ideal customer persona] with a unique and compelling perspective on [subject] and persuade them to take [desired action] on my [website/product].”

  • “How can I use machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve the targeting and personalization of my email marketing campaigns when integrated with other marketing channels?”

  • “How can I use a closed-loop and feedback-based approach to continuously improve and refine my email marketing campaigns across different marketing channels?”

  • “How can I use A/B testing to optimize my email's use of edge computing and 5G technology for faster delivery and better engagement?”

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These prompts can be samples for you to learn how to write ChatGPT prompts effectively. Besides, there are many other ChatGPT prompts for email shared widely for you to learn from such as prompts ChatGPT email campaigns, prompts ChatGPT email list building, prompts ChatGPT email automation, and so on. You can also search a lot of other useful prompts in some reliable sources like Datafit. Following ChatGPT prompts from there, you may know how to create your own needed prompts to use in this AI language model. 

What should you take note when using ChatGPT for emails?

It is impossible to deny the usefulness of ChatGPT in generating contents or suggesting ideas; however, we can not believe 100% in ChatGPT. No tool is perfect, ChatGPT is not an exception. This AI language model still has many remaining limitations so you should not be dependent on ChatGPT. Whenever you receive responses from ChatGPT, it is very necessary to check them again to ensure the accuracy and quality of those contents. Moreover, completely depending on an AI tool can lead to a negative situation when your creativity is gradually limited. Thus, only taking advantage of ChatGPT, not totally depending on it.

Another note is that ChatGPT is able to generate more than one version from a request, so you can ask it to write some other contents in order that you can choose the most suitable one. This tool can remember the previous information you have provided within the same conversation, then you don’t have to repeat. Therefore, keep chatting with it for more details until you want to change topics.

Final words

ChatGPT will be a great assistant in any field from easy to difficult, including writing emails. Using this AI language model will help you save time outlining, writing, and even checking the quality of emails. And in order to make the most of it, you need to focus on your prompts. Learning how to write effective ChatGPT prompts for email can be one of the most important steps to use ChatGPT to improve your email writing skill.

Don't forget to refer to the best ChatGPT prompts in reliable sources, they will be helpful examples for you to know how to improve your prompts.

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